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1Eco-activities: A tale of Conservation Through Public Health
It is not by accident that today, she is one of the most popular conservationists of our time. Back in the day, when she joined Kibuli Secondary School, she helped revive the Wild Life Club which had gone quiet. She confesses to have been a passionate lover of cats when she was a child.
2Ten Years of Conserving Wildlife
It is hard to believe that our existence as humans largely depends on the countless wild animals, birds, insects, amphibians and other creatures we share with this planet. While some people do not care for the wild that much, natural world experts reason that wildlife is a part of the earth’s ecosystem.
3Sharing the Forest: Protecting Gorillas and Helping Families in Uganda
On the outskirts of remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) in southwestern Uganda, endangered mountain gorillas forage in local gardens that run along the border of the park. Rapid population growth has pushed people to settle near the gorillas’ habitat— sometimes leading to conflict.